Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You ask about Venus Tightening Pills, We answer (I) 

Q : hi, l am interested in those tightening pills because they are consumed orally and it says results are permanent which is the best thing.l ordered some from another web where l have to insert the pills in my vagina and they gave me yeast infection but thank God l found your website.so after reaching my goal how many capsules are to be consumed as a dietery supplement is it still 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening?? thank you    
Yes that is true why we never want to have topical vaginal products - I am very worried about hygiene. Oral is easy and customers are happy with it, we have many regular customers for Curcuma comosa. At the first few months - yes should be 4 pills per day and later on you can reduce to 2 pills per day to remain the effects.


Q: Hi, after taking this herb for a month, should the vaginal tightening effects be permanent without me having to take this herb forever? Also, will this herb help to restore lubrication? Is this herb safe to take while breastfeeding?  
You need not take this herb forever? The tone of muscles are permanent. It helps you have nice skin too.
Yes this herb help to restore lubrication.
Yes, this herb is safe to take while breastfeeding. You can take after giving birth. NO effects on breast feeding and baby.  

Q: Will my vagina gradually lose all tone I gained through use of these herbs if I continue to have intercourse without taking this product, or will it retain some permanent tone and only stretch to accomodate the penis?  
How many bottles of this product would be necessary for a woman who has just given birth to feel tighter than virgin?    
We all are getting older and that we lose our tone muscles - this is normal and of course intercourse will make it lose. If you stop the herbs will help retyain some permanent tone.
Normally 1-2 bottles, you can feel some improvement as you can read from our customers' feedbacks.  

Q: Hi, I have a problem when having intercourse with my husband, I get too wet and a lot mucuos. Can cucuma comosa help?  
Yes, absolutely. Our Curcuma comosa formula will help tighten the muscles around vaginal wall. Your husband could feel the difference. You can read more feedback from our customers' testimonials.  

Q: Do I have to take Curcuma comosa pills for it to work and if I don't take it, wil my virgina it get back loose?  
The results are premanent. If you stop pills, it will not get loose again.  

Q: I am looking for a herb like this for a long time.I have several female problems the main one is I have had a yeast infection for 6years and here in america they give you creams that do not work,you think it goes away until you meet your husband and it comes back.I also have had several births and I need something for the tightening. Please advise what to do   
Our curcuma comosa herbs formula will not cause yeast infection and even help clear it - all women will feel that genital areas are very much clean actually.
To start up - you have to take 4 pills per day and then after 3 months you can reduce to 2 pills per day or you can stop it - up to you. But mostly our customers continue to take it for a long time because it is good for total female genital system and even help with nice smooth skin.  

Q:  How many bottles do I need to order to start? Secondly, where do I order from I would like to purchase today. Can you tell me how long also it takes to reach USA?   
I recommend you to start with 2 bottles which you should see some improvement.  

You can purchase through Paypal from this page.
Lead time to the US is 2 weeks normally.  
More information about shipping.

Q: Can a person ever just get the herb if they want to drink it in tea form?  
To drink in tea form, the herbs taste are a little harsh then you cannot drink that much. But in a pill form, we can make it concentrated at least 400+ mg per pill which you can take at once and to see the real effects.  

Or you can mix the herbs ingredients with honey and take it.

Venus Curcuma comosa tightening pills in Unique formula