Monday, May 27, 2013

FAQ about Venus Curcuma comosa Tightening pills

Q: How long would a woman need to use your Venus Curcuma comosa herb until a result can be seen?

 A: It depends on how much your vaginal muscles loose. Many cases can be seen within 1-2 bottles, some may take up to 3 months.

Q: Do women need to continue using the Curcuma comosa herbs formula forever? 

A: The tightening results are permanent. Your muscles are strengthen and then it is forever. You can stop the herbs right away without any bad consequence.

If the vaginal muscles become loose because of many intercourses or childbirth then you can get back to use the herbs again.

Another good effects that the herbs formula help your skin to be young and smooth. Many women decide to continue as dietary supplement after satisfaction with the tightening results.

Q: Can we use Venus tightening herbs after the delivery? 

A: Yes. You can use our formula right after the delivery.  Our Curcuma comosa formula does not affect breast milk production. In Thai treditional herbal medicine, the herbs have been long used after childbirth to tighten firmly the uterus (womb) and vaginal muscles to its nonpregnant size.

Q: Does Venus tightening pills tighten the cervix and the upper part of the vagina? 

A: Yes. All muscles in female genital system. Curcuma comosa is a special kind of herb which it has the most effects at female genital system especially vaginal wall muscles and uterus. (Like Pueraria mirifica herb has the most effects on breasts tissues.)

Q: I am in need of some help, I have a bladder prolapse which is pushing down on my vaginal wall and I have been reading online about Curcuma Comosa but 

I am getting mixed reviews. Some sites say it helps PREVENT a prolapse and some say it HEALS and helps Repair prolapse by tightening and 

strengthening the saggy vaginal wall. I would appreciate any help in this matter as I am just looking for something that helps to keep me away from 

surgery. Have you known this to help women with prolapse? 

A: I can tell you that we are the first one who brings this herb with our unique forula and because of your message I just found out that many web sites start to sell this kind of herb and I am not sure if they know exactly the herbs they are selling are the same kind of our herbs. Name in Thai and in scientific are different. 

Yes our formula helps heal and repair the vaginal wall prolapse - we have great feedback with regular customers. This help avoid surgery or help improve your situation.

I do have a prolapse of the bladder too (Cystocele) have u had anyone in the past with this same issue? I am assuming of course it will take more then the one bottle but how long do u think until I can actually tell? 

Before purchasing I asked a bunch of questions and was told that many say it lifts so I am just wondering... also maybe I should take more then 2 two times a day?? Please let me know, I want so badly to have this work so I don't have to have surgery to lift ...thank you

(After 2 bottles, below is a message from this customer.)

I will if I can afford it in the future maybe get more then 6 at a time. I think I will just put a order in for the 3 bottles because it is all I can afford without taking money for my food/grocery money.  I wish I could afford more but it's tight here right now. Thank you again, I appreciate your help and for listening.

a following message

It looks as if this week is really tight so I will only be able to afford just the one bottle this week (ordering now). ...
As for leaving feedback I have no problem with that, I would love to so it helps other women. Thank you again and I am putting my order in now :)

Jamie, U.S.A.