Sunday, May 26, 2013

Venus - Genuine vagina tightening pillsvagina tightening pills

Venus is 100% genuine herb extracts for vaginal tightening, certified by Thai traditional herbal medicine and pharmacy

The herbs ingredients are formulated by Thai traditional herbal medicine. 

The Unique herbs formula are kinds of female herbs that have the most effects at female genital area especially vaginal muscles. All essential herbs which all are specially blended for female internal system, with the purpose to tighten and strengthen the muscles of external and visceral especially the vaginal muscles. Resulting in strengthening vagina muscles and tightening firmly vaginal wall prolapse. Women can feel like being young again, even after several deliveries. 

Venus tightening pills is also a treatment for excessive white and yellow vaginal discharge, leucorrhoea and also removes bad odor.

The herbs formula also help promote good health and make skin glow naturally. It is also recommended for menopause.

Tighten firmly the vaginal wall prolapse. Help clean discharge and bad smell at genital area. Help relieve vaginal dryness, hot flashes,easing menstrual pain and cramping.

It is also suitable for women after childbirth because the herb formula serves to tighten firmly the uterus (womb) to its non pregnant size.

Side effects:
Neither significant side effects, nor apparent toxicity are reported.The herbs are very safe as there has a long story of consumption records among Thai and Asian women for many decades and due to the factthat it is 100% natural herbs.


Do not use in Pregnancy.