Friday, June 7, 2013

A feedback from 60 years old customer who has been used our Venus tightening pills for more  than a year by now. She also uses Regina pueraria mirifica high phytoestrogen pills as well later on.

I hope her feedback helps many women who have the same problems as her. Thank you.

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Dear Ivy,

It is all a bit embarrassing but 'Yes, of course' ,  if anonymous you may use my feedback as it may help others.

The Cucuma comosa capsules have helped me so much.  Although my uterus is in the correct place with a ?cystocele I had been having problems passing urine.  I guess because I could not empty my bladder completely I would often have slight bladder infections.  Although I did hundreds of Kegel exercises daily,  I was fighting a loosing battle as the frequency of bladder infections increased.  I want to avoid surgery and the only way I could get relief was to take some old HRT tablets I found in my bottom drawer.  Then I searched on the internet for a natural HRT.    Now I have been taking your Cucuma comosa capsules for about a year and I cannot remember the last time I had a bladder infection.  I still do some Kegal exercises and have cut down to one Cucuma comosa  a day which has proved to be the perfect formula for me. 
Then I discovered your Pueraria mirifica capsules which has given me relief from the discomfort of vaginal dryness I have had since the menopause.   I no longer have to bother with crèmes and my breasts are firmer so I feel like me once again.  Being 60 is not so bad after all!

Thanks again Ivy